New Service Request

Welcome to the Butler County Rural Water District No 4 Community.  Please find the application for water service attached below. There is a $25 transfer fee that will be applied to your first bill. Please contact our office by phone/tex/email if you have any questions. We look forward to serving your water needs.


Transfer Fee: $25
Water Cost: 
There is a $27 monthly minimum plus the cost of your water usage.
The cost of water is $7 per 1000 gallons. Example: 5000 gallons >> 27 + (7*5) = $62
Our bills are sent out the 1st of each month for the prior month's usage, and due on the 15th. There is a 10% late charge on the balance due for any payments not received/postmarked by the 15th. 
Payment Options: 

Bank Draft (form attached) - drafts on the 15th with no convenience fee

Mail in a check/money order - must be postmarked by the 15th.

Online Payment Portal:

  •   Pay by checking/savings/credit card
  • A convenience fee of $1.00 will be applied to checking and savings payments.
  • A convenience fee of 2.75% will be applied to credit card payments. An additional fee of 50¢ is applied for payments below $100.
  • Set up Auto-Pay - you can schedule your own draft date.
  • View payment history/print receipts


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